For Family

These resource were created to support families accept and love their LGBTQ family members unconditionally.

To accept and love a lesbian or gay family member, it is crucial that everyone in the family have good and reliable information about homosexuality, both scientific and religious information. The following resources provide that information.


Latinx Curriculum

This educational program is an opportunity for Latinx families and faith communities to come to accept, understand, and affirm LGBTQ+ persons in their families and congregations. This is also an opportunity to fully claim the values of inclusion and solidarity
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For You Are Wondrously Made

This guide is specifically for trans and gender non-conforming persons, and for others who want to respond in a more affirming way to them.  Whether you are an LGBQ+, trans or gender non-conforming person, a parent or friend, we hope
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The Latinx Roundtable is pleased to present to you with his LGBTQ Vocabulary. We hope that it will help you develop a common and positive language to understand, accept and affirm LGBTQ persons in families, communities and churches. Language is
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