Faith, Family, Equality: Latinx Roundtable began its work in April of 2010 as the third Roundtable project of the Center for LGBTQ and Gender Studies in Religion (CLGS).  It was founded as an initiative of CLGS to address the Latinx faith leaders’ concerns that there needed to be a central project that would help Latinx families understand and accept their LGBTQ+ family member and embrace them with love.

Under the guidance and direction of Rev. Castellanos and Dr. Espĺn, there was an initial gathering of faith leaders and community members working closely with the LGBTQ+ community. They traveled from all over the nation to gather in Chicago. In that meeting, they explored the scope of the work and developed strategies to reach and impact a wide audience. The final product of the gathering resulted in the creation of  a mission statement, a set of goals and objectives to launch a Latinx Roundtable and to move the work forward.

Since then, the Latinx Roundtable has produced and distributed various resources that support families, faith leaders and the general Latinx community to accept and love their LGBTQ+ community. These resources have been distributed all over the world and continue to be produced because of their demand and need. The Latinx Roundtable is always working on addressing current issues affecting Latinx LGBTQ+ communities, the families their part of, and the general Latinx community.