For Faith Communities

These resources help support faith communities in understanding and accepting their LGBTQ community members.

God is love, and all of us were created in God’s image. That’s why all of us have the same dignity. Because God IS love, and the love of God does not make victims and it does not create persons for us to disdain. The love of God is without limits.


For You Are Wondrously Made

This guide is specifically for trans and gender non-conforming persons, and for others who want to respond in a more affirming way to them.  Whether you are an LGBQ+, trans or gender non-conforming person, a parent or friend, we hope
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The Latino/a Roundtable is pleased to present to you with his LGBTQ Vocabulary. We hope that it will help you develop a common and positive language to understand, accept and affirm LGBTQ persons in families, communities and churches. Language is
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